Did you know, the operating system and web browser you use can affect your online banking experience? Both should be updated frequently and are two reasons why:

1) Security. The latest browsers have the best security features and support more advanced security protocols which can better protect you from vulnerabilities and viruses, even if you are using an anti-virus program.

2) Functionality. Websites are designed and built to work with a variety of operating systems and web browsers, but you’ll have the best experience if you update your browser to the most current version.

Using Outdated Browsers Can Pose Risks As noted by Microsoft, since 1/12/16, Microsoft no longer provides security updates or technical support for old versions of Internet Explorer. Regular security updates help protect devices so upgrading and staying current is important. We encourage you  to upgrade your browsers to the most recent versions so as to ensure security and an overall optimal internet browsing experience:

Google Chrome


Mozilla Firefox

Microsoft Edge